Body Corporate Atria North

Duane & Andrea Buckley were appointed as resident managers of the Atria precinct in April of this year.

They report to four body corporates in carrying out the duties prescribed by the respective Atria Caretakers Agreements. Their reporting is always detailed, comprehensive and accurate.

Since their appointment they have shown they are experienced managers and have displayed an aptitude for hard work, diligence and competency in the role. They are meticulous in their presentation of the Atria property and it is clearly evident they are dedicated and passionate about the property and their work.

They have a common sense approach to dealing with the range of issues that arise in property management, are hands on and proactive in maintaining the Atria precinct as a quality residential development.

Their work ethic extends to the rental properties they manage on behalf of RPC within the Atria complex as by being on site they are able to act promptly to address and attend to the needs of owners, investors and tenants.


Body Corporate Committee

Atria North BC 49499

5 October 2018